Evolution of the Dakini


DATE: Saturday 23rd August

TIME: 13h30 – 15h30                       COST: R300




A 2 hour yoga class which begins with foundational, alignment work. The beginning of every journey must have a strong foundation where strength, intention and power can be cultivated. We will then move into the introduction of Mudra (sacred gestures), combined with movement and breath where the Dakini learns to harness and direct her power for the purpose of creation, beauty and love, ending with a full expression of movement where the Dakini offers her divinity as an expression of bliss. This class is not only for women! I invite you to not get stuck on our roles as male and female but instead allow yourself to be intrigued by the life sustaining energy that runs through all of us in it’s male and female expressions.

To book please contact manager@bikramyoga.co.za
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