Parent & Child Yoga

Yoga Experience now offers a fabulous parent and child yoga class every Wednesday at 3pm.

This yoga class is a beautiful way for parents to connect with their child/children. Not only is the time a wonderful bonding opportunity, but it allows for both parent and child to ‘play’ and exercise together. We incorporate breathing exercises, core building poses, partner yoga practice, mindfulness tools and a well-deserved relaxation at the end of the class.

It’s mindful, playful yoga. To the core.

– Class: Wednesdays 3pm – 4pm
– Ages: 5 – 9 years old
– Format: One parent practicing with one child is preferable

Looking forward to seeing you and yours in the mat!

Kim GoldreichKim Goldreich

My love of yoga naturally progressed from a weekly exercise regime, to a lifestyle transformation. Yoga centers me, it strengthens me, it balances me and it makes me feel connected to those I practice with as well as the people I encounter day-to-day. It has helped me to rewire my way of thinking and perception of others – imagine what kind of a world we could live in if we enabled our children to think openly and love without judgement. Children’s Yoga is my way of giving them a safe, happy space to open their hearts, strengthen their bodies, calm their minds and nurture their souls!

Kim is a qualified Childrens Yoga instructor. Aside from studio, school classes and private classes, she teaches children at C.A.R.E. (Centre for Autism, Research and Education)