Zoey Lapinsky

All I want to say is, I love Yoga!” Zoey started Bikram yoga in 2005. After 90 minutes in the room she felt like a normal person (that’s how she described it at the time.) Her head was clear and she was certain of pretty much everything and anything. Her body felt like it had been cleaned from the inside and much more spacious, joyous and free. She wanted to give other people this amazing feeling so she went to the Bikram Yoga training in Los Angeles in 2006. As a teacher she tries to give yoga practitioners the things that she has found in yoga: determination, the ability to respond to challenging situations rather than react out of habit, energy and the wonderful feeling of being present in ones body and mind. Zoey is a trained Demartini Method Facilitator, a method that makes it possible to have a different perspective on any person or event in any area of their lives, giving the perspective what time does, without the long wait