Andrew Moses

“I write this by way of encouragement to you and your excellent instructors.  I would like to express my gratitude to you and the teachers at the Bikram Yoga Illovo studio – in particular; yourself, Naz, Shasta & Pats, in whose classes I have found myself regularly. I have attended classes guided by some other amazing teachers as well – each one with so much to give.  I must say that the overall standard of training is excellent & diverse, which I really appreciate. Having practiced in a few studios around the world, I believe that the facilities and organisation are world class.

I have been practicing for less than two months, but the practices have already initiated a transformation…

After a few days, I found that I was sleeping better – in fact, I am currently more rested with six hours of sleep than I was when getting eight.  After two weeks, people who know me well were commenting that my skin was looking better and asking if I had lost weight (I have). My body has changed shape somewhat.  I have more energy and more patience both with my colleagues and my children.  I feel both calmer and more energised.  I have been more resilient to minor colds and flu than I was before. I have grown noticeably in strength, control and flexibility – albeit with a long way to go!

That is quite a lot of change for only a month and a half of practice!

So a big thank you to all!