Nina Frank

“What keeps me from going back for more. It if was purely physical I would have stopped a long time ago, although it does feel wonderful to experience the subtle physical changes it produces. But I would have been bored with it by now. The whole point about yoga is that it’s about the union of mind, body and spirit and I feel that. It’s a meditation. Like any meditation practice, there are days when the mind goes on and on with it’s endless chatter, but more often than not yoga gives the mind the focus on the physical that it needs to drop into silence; to feel calm, to observe, to simply be able to watch thoughts as they arise and fall away again, to go deeper into space, to feel and experience the space between thoughts, to get out of the I and my into something that is more universal, to feel the group, to notice that I am in sync with someone else’s movements without having intended it, to hear the silence, to breathe, to focus on breath, to feel God, to feel godly, to gain insight, to notice how the way I am in yoga could be a blueprint for how to live my life, to listen to my body and what it needs on any given day, to push it some days and hold back on others, to be kind to it, to be with myself, to challenge the ego. This for me is yoga and it’s why I keep on coming back. It’s a universe on it’s own.”