The Greenside Cafe

The Greenside Café – Jozi’s ONLY Vegan Restaurant

So you think being a vegan means eating boring food, being hungry, and un satisfied all the time?

Think again and even better, experience the deliciousness of vegan cuisine at The Greenside café in Greenside.

Here you will eat real food and feel it. After eating a wholesome vegan or vegetarian meal, I encourage you to pay attention to how you feel afterwards in your body and your mind. The effects of clean and healthy food are a clear mind, light and strong body and radiant spirit. Experience it for yourself and embark on a whole new journey of wellness as you change the way you eat. We are what we eat so make choices that support your Highest self.

See you at the Greenside café – we also have the most delicious vegan deserts and baked goods.


Dimitri & Sally