ZOONO & MicroPro at Yoga Experience

ZOONO & MicroPro at Yoga Experience

March 2020

With the outbreak of the Corona COVID19 virus worldwide, MicroPro is receiving many questions about the effectiveness of our Antimicrobial and Probiotic products.

Firstly, there is not a single product in the world that can eliminate direct transmission of Coronavirus (or any) virus through aerosols (tiny particles when sneezing or coughing) from person to person. No alcohol either.

Through our extensive experience, research, case studies, medical trials, certifications and approvals and our high-tech nano-products, MicroPro have found that the most effective and sustainable approach to fight this ongoing viral/bacterial warfare is to focus on the indirect transfer through our hands, surfaces or objects. This is the only approach that can provide us with a sustained level of hygienic protection.

Communities and the general public need to be aware that Public Health and Safety extends far beyond cleaning and washing our hands and then applying a hand sanitiser (alcohol-based or any other).

Public Health and Safety in any environment should not be a “knee jerk” reaction, trending now is the Coronavirus, what next? Public Health and Safety requires a long-term approach with thinking and planning that will achieve sustainable outcomes. An environment that is safe to enter and one that does not create a feeding frenzy for the next round of viral/bacterial attacks that may prove resistant to our traditional cleaning products and medicines. One should be aware that there are important differences between washing hands with soap and water and spraying with hand sanitiser. For example, alcohol-based hand sanitisers do not kill all types of germs, such as stomach bug Norovirus, some parasites and Clostridium difficile, which causes severe diarrhoea. Is the alternative then, to use an alcohol-based sanitiser for coronavirus and another for the viruses that are not treated effectively with alcohol?

MicroPro’s Antimicrobial products, imported from Australia are called Zoono and Germfree24. The technology kills pathogens via mechanical and not chemical destruction,
meaning, it forms a bond on hands and surfaces. Under a microscope the technology resembles “tiny swords” which enable it to pierce the cell membrane of the pathogen, thus creating no opportunity for resistance and pathogen mutation (superbugs) of which the world’s antibiotics are proving resistant and thus no cure. The efficacy of the Antimicrobial products is up to 24 hours on hands and does not wash off and 28-30 days on surfaces and does not wash off. The Germfree24 hand sanitiser exceeds the WHO (World Health Organisation) standards.

Our Probiotic products are imported from Belgium and the formula is a stabilised probiotic which ensures consistency of the probiotic concentration per bottle. The Probiotic formula is called Probiotic Infection Prevention Control, manufactured under the Chrisal Brand.

MicroPro, upon examination of the Yoga Experience environment, has proposed the following enhanced Hygiene Protocols to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all who enter this space.

Yoga Experience upon implementation of the program will immediately use the Probiotic Infection Prevention Cleaning liquid across the environment for general cleaning. The reason for this is that environmental probiotics have been proven highly effective in removing biofilm build-up.

So, what is biofilm buildup?

These slimy films of biofilm or clumps are made up of numerous different types/species of bacteria bound together in a thick substance that acts as a glue to both hold the bacteria together and adhere it to a surface. We are used to thinking of bacteria as individual organisms that live independently from each other, when in fact most bacteria live in diverse, dynamic colonies surrounded by an adhesive cell matrix the bacteria make themselves. This allows the bacteria to form mutually beneficial relationships with each other for gathering food and even communicating information about their environment that is important to their survival.

Just like the bacteria that form them, biofilms are everywhere – on slippery submerged rocks and in clogged pipes and drains. There’s even a biofilm in your mouth – it’s the dental plaque which forms on your teeth and contributes to tooth decay.

Biofilms are found on every surface, including our skin. Viruses help form biofilms. Bacteria frequently grow in communities called biofilms, which are aggregates of cells and polymers. The ability of this bacterium to form biofilms in the lung is linked to its ability to cause chronic infectious diseases. Biofilm formation by pathogens in the environment can play a significant role in the transmission of pathogens from person to person and thus why, is it extremely important to ensure consistent removal. This breaks the cycle of cross-contamination and infection. If not removed, biofilms can spread quickly and easily and contaminate other areas increasing the opportunity of infections spreading throughout the environment.

The Probiotic Infection Prevention Control cleaning liquid will be used to scrub and remove the biofilm build-up and expose clean surfaces. After removing the biofilm, it is important to administer antimicrobial aerial sanitation into the environment to kill any remaining pathogens, before proceeding to regularly clean the studio as per prescribed cleaning routine with Probiotic Infection Prevention Control cleaning.

Probiotic Infection Prevention Control products contain probiotics for improved hygiene and protection. Upon application, the probiotics will stay on the surface, textile, skin in order to provide two primary benefits:

Surface cleaning: COVID19 may survive longer on surfaces that contain biofilm build-
up/organic pollution, which you will not see with the naked eye. This biofilm is almost
impossible to remove with traditional cleaning products creating a haven for the next
viral/bacterial attack. Biofilm build-up can contribute significantly to viral and bacterial outbreaks. Cleaning with probiotic infection prevention products makes sure that all surfaces become and remain free of organic pollution. This is critical in breaking the cycle of infection. The probiotics will keep cleaning the surface constantly. This will improve the efficacy of any antimicrobial/disinfectants when needed. Probiotic Infection prevention products can be used throughout any environment where hygiene is important.

Objects/textiles: As it is not always possible to clean all surfaces/materials such as textile or objects, this may leave a possible hot spot for the corona and other bacteria and viruses. Yoga Experience will implement a program of Probiotic Infection Prevention Control Fogging, which is a cost-effective procedure and can be used to cover all surfaces and objects with a good microflora to lower the risk of infections.

Deep cleaning: The probiotics produce enzymes that digest organic pollution in order to make the surface microscopically clean. The probiotics remain active for several days.

Healthy microbiome: The probiotics are good bacteria that cover all surfaces (including skin) for a reduced risk of infection. (Proven by clinical trials (Caselli 2018; PLOS ONE).

Besides proper hand hygiene, one can also further protect oneself. It has been proven that the Corona COVID19 virus first infects the upper respiratory tract and sinuses. Making sure these areas also harbour a healthy microbiome will lower the risk of infection and makes a lot of sense.

How do we know that we have achieved our objective of providing you with a safe and hygienic environment? We believe that if you can’t measure it you can’t monitor it.

An additional component of the Yoga Experience program will be to measure the environmental contamination on a quarterly basis. This is done through the detection of Adenosine Tryphosphate (ATP). The amount of ATP present is a widely accepted gauge of microbial contamination. ATP readings are so consistently relied upon because they offer quantifiable and auditable results that can be consistent from one facility to the next, one day to the next.

We are confident that with this proposed enhanced hygiene approach, Yoga Experience will be providing staff, clients and those who enter this space with unparalleled hygienic protection with products that have gained recognition, certification and approval both globally and locally.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any additional information on your proposed new hygiene protocols.

Colleen Speirs

CEO – MicroPro