What Happens In Between?

DATE: Sunday 28th September
TIME: 13h30 – 15h30 COST: R300



You’ve heard the saying ‘life happens when you’re busy making plans’. Often we are so focussed on life’s big events; on getting from one place to the next, that we rarely take time to notice where we are in between the events. Where is our awareness? Where are our thoughts, are we happy?
The same is true when transitioning in and out of poses during an asana practice. We’re often so focused on ‘the pose’ that we become unconscious of what’s happening between the poses. Because of this momentary unconsciousness, we become more prone to injury so a lot of chronic injury (injury caused over excessive incorrect use of muscles and joints over time’ is caused by not coming in and out of the postures correctly. During this workshop, we will identify some of the most common transitions that close us down in our awareness and open us up to injury

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